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If you have been charged with drug distribution or the intent to distribute drugs, it is important to take action immediately to combat the penalties stemming from a conviction. Before speaking to police and before assuming that the controlled dangerous substance case against you is too sound to combat, speak to an experienced attorney about your defense options.

At The Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver our Passaic County drug trafficking defense attorneys offer informative and aggressive defense guidance to clients facing drug distribution charges in Passaic County courts. As former prosecutors, we are well versed in New Jersey drug laws like N.J.S.A. 2C:35-5, 2C:35-7 and 2C:35-10 (to name a few) and police procedures, allowing us to offer insightful and aggressive defense guidance to clients facing even the most damaging charges.

Insightful Defense Against Drug Distribution Charges

Our experience on both sides of the criminal process allows us to conduct a thorough examination of your trafficking case before offering advice on your defense options.

To help you mount the best defense to the allegations of selling drugs, we will examine the events before and after your arrest to ensure several factors, including that:

  • Officers had probable cause to conduct a traffic stop or initial questioning.
  • Your rights were adhered to throughout the investigation and after your arrest.
  • Police procedures were strictly followed at all times.
  • The evidence against you was obtained within legal search and seizure policies.

Information gained while examining your case will then be used to negotiate a reduction or dismissal of your charges or to pursue alternatives to conviction, including pretrial intervention (“PTI”). This information can also be invaluable in disproving the controlled substance charges should trial be in your best interests.

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Our knowledge and experience allows us to offer aggressive and effective defense against even the most damaging drug distribution charges. Our office handles charges that originate out of Paterson, Little Falls, Wayne, Clifton, Hawthorne, Haledon and Passaic City.¬†Before speaking to police, call toll free 800-333-4184 or contact our office online to learn how we can help you combat the charges against you. With over 100 years of combined experience on staff, you would be hard pressed to find a legal scenerio that we haven’t already dealt with.

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