Paterson Sex Offender Charged for Selling Heroin

A registered sex offender was arrested for his involvement in the sale of illegal narcotics from his home in Paterson, New Jersey. Wilfredo Lopez a 46 year old man, currently out on parole was charged the same day of the arrest. According to the Sheriff, detectives from the narcotics department raided the residence of Lopez and discovered heroin, $7,100 in cash, and a Black Phantom pellet handgun. Lopez’s girlfriend, who was nine months pregnant during the time of the arrest, was also present during the raid. She was released after the investigation, which absolved her of any involvement in the heroin deals.

Lopez was previously convicted in 1998 on the grounds of sexually assaulting a 15 year old minor, a girl he had known, according to the state Megan’s Law Database. Sheriff Richard H. Berdnik of the Passaic County was pleased with the apprehension of yet another drug dealer. He was quoted as saying, “This suspect brazenly sold drugs while on state parole.” Lopez is now facing multiple charges including drug possession, illegal possession of firearms, and possession of drugs with the intent to distribute.

According to the state of New Jersey, certain individuals are not allowed to possess weapons at all, for example a person who has been previously been convicted of any crime except disorderly persons offense. Failure to comply would result in a 4th degree crime, which carries a prison sentence up to 18 months. Thus, Lopez is eligible to be charged for the possession of an illegal firearm, since he possessed a pellet gun which had a very realistic appearance.

Violation of a parole usually entails the offender serving the remainder of the sentence. Since Lopez committed several other crimes while on parole, he would first serve out the remainder of his previous jail time. Once that is completed he would then immediately start serving the term on the new charges.