What is the Ignition Interlock?

Is the Ignition Interlock Mandatory in NJ?

Ignition interlock devices, more formally known as breath alcohol ignition interlock devices or BAIIDs, have become more and more common with recent changes to the NJ DWI Laws. Ignition interlock devices, which permit a motor vehicle to be started only when the driver is sober, offer a technically feasible and effective means of further reducing the incidence of drunk driving. However, mandatory installation in a vehicle is expensive, as are the monthly monitor fees that must be paid during the time a device is in operation. It is also potentially embarrassing to have to blow into a ignition interlock to start your car. Your best way to avoid these consequences is to fight and win your DWI charge. We have a staff that is truly unique in terms of experience and training in this area of law and initial consultations are always free of charge. We can be reached 24/7 at 862-203-4070.

When Is An Ignition Interlock Required Under NJ Law?

For a first offense DWI, the court may order the installation of an interlock device for six (6) months to one (1) year upon restoration of your driver license. If the blood alcohol content (“BAC”) of a first offender is 0.15% or greater, then there is a mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device for six (6) months to one (1) year following restoration of your driver license. For a second offense or subsequent conviction, there is a mandatory installation of interlock device during the period of license suspension and for one (1) to three (3) years following restoration your driver license. If imposition of an ignition interlock is ordered by the court, the device must be installed in every motor vehicle the accused owns, leases or regularly operates.

What BAC Level Triggers The Interlock?

The alcohol set point, also known as the point at which the device locks the ignition, is 0.05 percent breath alcohol concentration. What this means is that a vehicle will not start if an individual’s BAC is .05% or higher.

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