Client Reviews

“I was accused of sexual assault. Everyone shunned me, even several attorneys that I called. No one wanted to take my defense seriously. But Jonathan was different. I knew he believed me and I thank god I found him. He scrutinized all the evidence and poked so many holes in the case that I was able avoid a conviction. I made the right choice.”

– from our client Anonymous

“I was thinking the worst when I was charged with DWI. It seemed like there wasn’t much of a chance of keeping my license or getting around the surcharges and other penalties. I called a bunch of lawyers and I quickly picked up on the fact that some guys were really only going to hold my hand and basically plead me guilty. This wasn’t what I heard from Jon or his DWI guru Colin. All DWI lawyers are not the same – there is a big difference as I learned.”

– from our client Jason

“Cops can be very unfair so you better call Jonathan if you are on the short end of the stick. I hired him because I was stopped and arrested for a bogus reason and then issued 10 tickets and a criminal offense for possession of cds. The car never should have been stopped or ever searched. There was no valid basis but the police officer was just going to nail me no matter what. Jonathan made sure that I got a fair shake in court. He fought for me and did a great job. I still don’t have a record and kept my license. He is a great attorney for you to hire. I highly suggest that you give him a call.”

– from our client Tyler

“My son was arrested on serious drug charges. I did my research and decided to retain Jon after much time and effort. As it turned out, I could not have made a sounder decision. … We are happy to say that our son has avoided jail and many of the severe penalties that seemed almost inevitable.”

– from our client Fred

“You hope you never need a criminal lawyer but if you do you need to call Jonathan. I was charged with a second degree crime arising out of an assault. The word I got from several attorneys was that I would probably go to jail. Jonathan didn’t resort to these scare tactics although he was honest about the risks I had. I felt extremely comfortable and hired him. I made the right decision. Jonathan was so effective that he was eventually able to get the case sent to municipal court. A case that started as one where I was exposed to 10 years in prison ended up resolving as a ordinance. I could not have hoped for such an great outcome and have Jonathan to thank. I would never consider another lawyer if I was arrested for a criminal offense.”

– from our client Raymond