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Ringwood NJ Municipal Court

Ringwood Municipal Court Criminal Lawyers

Located in Wayne, NJ, the Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver frequently represents individuals charged with all sorts of traffic and criminal offenses in Ringwood. If you were arrested or issued a summons for shoplifting, a DUI or DWI, marijuana possession (less than 50 grams) or some other motor vehicle infraction or crime, our team of defense attorneys have the experience and no how to get you out of the situation. Indeed, we have been successfully representing defendants throughout Passaic County, including in Ringwood Municipal Court, for literally decades.

Why is The Law Offices of John Marshall so successful in Ringwood?

We have the largest defense team in the county, comprised of former county and municipal prosecutors, and we put our collective resources to work for all of our clients. You want to avoid a conviction if at all possible because it can have long-term negative consequences to your life like a record, drivers license suspension, fines, or even jail. Each and every lawyer on our staff makes success our goal and we would be more than happy to put our muscle to work for you in Ringwood.

Ringwood NJ Municipal Court Information

The Ringwood Municipal Court possesses jurisdiction over disorderly persons criminal charges and all traffic matters, including DWI,  reckless driving, driving while suspended, operating without insurance or careless driving. Cases involving indictable crimes of the First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree and Fourth Degree, as well as all Juvenile cases, are heard at the Superior Court of Passaic County.

The Ringwood Municipal Court is located at 60 Margaret King Avenue, Ringwood New Jersey 07456. The phone number is 973-962-7037 and 973-475-7100 respectively for criminal charges and traffic offenses. The fax number is 973-962-6028. The Judge is the Honorable Harold P. Cook III and Peggy Conway is the Court Administrator of Ringwood Municipal Court. The court is in session every Wednesday with the exception of the 1st Wednesday of the month. Court begins at 6:30 P.M. The Municipal Court office is open Monday thru Friday 9am-4pm. For more information call (973) 962-6146 or visit www.ringwoodnj.net

Directions to the Municipal Court of Ringwood

From New York City: Exit New York City via the George Washington Bridge and get on Route 4. Take that to Route 208. Take that to 287 South and get off at exit 57. Once you are off the exit, bear right to go over Skyline Drive. This takes you over the Ramapo Mountains; Skyline Drive is about 4 miles in length. The trip from the George Washington Bridge to Ringwood is about 25 miles in length.

From the north: Take the 87 south to 287 south and get off 287 at exit 57. Once you are off the exit, bear right to go over Skyline Drive. This takes you over the Ramapo Mountains; Skyline Drive is about 4 miles in length.

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