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Domestic Violence

Paterson Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

The state of New Jersey takes a strict stance against those charged with domestic violence. With the harsh nature of a conviction and the impact such a record can have on your future, it is important to consult an experienced lawyer when you have been charged with domestic violence or are the subject of a restraining order. At The Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver, our Passaic County domestic violence defense attorneys offer insightful advice to clients facing domestic violence charges in Passaic County (whether or not a temporary restraining order is also filed). Our representation can assist you in avoiding a conviction and defeating a temporary restraining order (TRO). If the TRO becomes a final restraining order, you may be barred from not only entering your home but also having contact with your children, spouse and/or loved one (e.g boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.). Our office has been representing clients charged with domestic violence offenses in towns like Little Falls, Hawthorne, Haledon, Wayne, Clifton, Passaic City and Bloomingdale for over a decade.

Wayne NJ Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

Defending Against the Damage Caused by a Domestic Violence Conviction

Few people actually understand the full severity of a domestic violence conviction. Pleading guilty to, or receiving an unfavorable judgment at a temporary restraining order hearing can:

  • Limit your chances of obtaining employment
  • Disqualify you from obtaining specialized licenses
  • Lead to jail time
  • Limit your ability to interact with your family
  • Affect your ability to remain in the United States if you are not a Citizen

Being charged with domestic abuse can lead to a temporary restraining order that prohibits you from returning home while your case is pending. And if you are unsuccessful at defending yourself at a final restraining order hearing, the restraints become permanent and final.

With our guidance, you will be able to combat the penalties stemming from a conviction and significantly increase the chances of avoiding a final restraining order barring you from your family and your home permanently. Whether you wish to negotiate a favorable plea arrangement or take your case to trial, we will fight to help you find the best resolutions possible in your unique situation.

Contact Our Office for an Aggressive Domestic Violence Defense

At any time, even with a minimal amount of evidence, a Passaic County prosecutor can proceed with domestic violence charges even if the alleged victim refuses to press charges. It is therefore very important that you are represented by an experienced domestic violence lawyer throughout this process. Whether you have been charged or feel that charges are imminent, it is important to speak to an attorney before talking with police.

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