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Prostitution Crackdown in Paterson NJ Leads to 17 Being Arrested

17 Women Arrested & Charged with Prostitution in Paterson The Passaic Sheriff’s Department went undercover last week in an effort to help crackdown on sudden increase in prostitution that the City of Paterson has been dealing with. They assert that the operation was conducted in an effort to improve the quality of life in Paterson. It appears that the Sheriff’s Department sent several officer’s undercover to possess as customers in an effort to arrest as many women as possible. They claim that prostitution leads to more criminal activity in general, including but not limited too drug possession, drug ...

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Wayne Police Charge Resident with Possession of Cocaine & Heroin

Heroin Possession & Cocaine Possession Charges for Wayne Resident A routine traffic stop on Route 23 in Wayne, New Jersey leads to the arrest of a Wayne resident for possessing cocaine, heroin and marijuana. It appears that the officer initially pulled over a minivan for not having the proper commercial identifying marks on the side of the van. When the officer approached the van he claims that he immediately recognized the individual located in the passenger seat. He further alleges that he was aware that the Defendant had an active warrant out of Totowa, ...

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Shoplifter Strikes Again in Wayne NJ

Wayne NJ Police are Searching for Another Shoplifter According to the reports released thus far, the Wayne police department is seeking the publics help yet again in an effort to help catch a suspect accused of using children in an effort to shoplift in the Willowbrook Mall. It appears that JCPenny’s store security observed the women stuffing clothes into the children’s backpacks as they shopped inside the store. When confronted, the women allegedly shoved the security guard and took off towards the parking lot. She was able to enter her Honda Odyssey and flee ...

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Heroin Distribution Charges Issued Yet Again in Paterson NJ

Another Heroin Bust in Paterson New Jersey Acting on a tip, officers began conducting surveillance on East 16th Street and 8th Avenue in Paterson, New Jersey last week. It did take long before they observed a Paterson resident approached another individual who was operating a vehicle and conduct what they believed to be a hand to hand transaction. Based on their observations, the undercover officers pulled over the driver of the vehicle, a twenty year old from Guttenburg, New Jersey. It is unclear how the officers were able to search the Defendant’s vehicle ...

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Wayne Man Charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault in Bergen County

Aggravated Sexual Assault Lawyers in Wayne NJ Aggravated sexual assault is a very complex offense that requires an experienced Passaic County criminal defense attorney. Aggravated sexual assault is the most serious sex crime under the New Jersey criminal code. It is New Jersey’s form of rape. Since this is a first degree felony, if convicted, a Defendant faces up to twenty (20) years in State Prison, a fine up to $200,000, sex offender treatment and mandatory Megan’s Law for life. If you or a loved one has been charged with aggravated sexual assault, endangering ...

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