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Month: March 2015

30 March, 2015John Marshall

Three Unidentified Males Wanted in Shoplifting in Wayne NJ

Shoplifting Defense Attorneys in Wayne NJ Due in large part to the Willowbrook Mall, Wayne, New Jersey handles a tremendous amount of shoplifting cases every year. Shoplifting in governed by N.J.S.A. 2C:20-11(b). Depending on the dollar amount of the items in question, a Defendant can be charged with a either a second, third, fourth degree felony ...

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20 March, 2015John Marshall

Woodland Park NJ Police Arrest & Charge two with Robbery

Robbery Lawyers in Little Falls New Jersey Robbery is one of the most serious charges in the New Jersey criminal code. If convicted of robbery in Passaic County or elsewhere in New Jersey, you could be sentenced up to twenty (20) years in a State prison and fined up to $200,000. To make matters worse, the ...

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14 March, 2015John Marshall

Heroin & Marijuana Distribution Charges Issued in Wayne, New Jersey

Heroin Possession Lawyers in Wayne, New Jersey When a Defendant is charged with the unlawful possession of heroin in Wayne or elsewhere in Passaic County, New Jersey they are facing life changing penalties if convicted. Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C;35-5, which is the governing statute in New Jersey for possessing heroin, a Defendant will be charged with ...

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07 March, 2015John Marshall

Eluding & Aggravated Assault Charges issued in Clifton, New Jersey

Eluding Defense Attorneys in Clifton, New Jersey The team of Clifton New Jersey eluding lawyers on staff at the Law Office of Jonathan F. Marshall have the experience and knowledge to successfully defend your rights. Eluding in New Jersey is a felony matter. It can be either a second or third degree felony depending on the ...

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01 March, 2015John Marshall

Clifton Warehouse Worker Robbed at Gunpoint

Robbery Lawyers in Clifton New Jersey Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:15-1, robbery can be either a first or second degree felony. If convicted of a first degree felony in New Jersey, a Defendant could find themselves facing up to twenty (20) years in a State Prison. Conversely, a Defendant convicted of a robbery in the second degree is facing ...

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